Friday, April 25, 2008

The Beginning

I started to write this book hoping that I would be able to show people a little of the other side of firefighting: the side you don't see in movies and television. The side to emergency workers where accidents, fires and deaths come home with you to your own living room. I have to say I started with a little bit of anger, too - anger at the fact that it wasn't immediatly obvious that firefighters are people, and are bound to react to traumatic scenes much the same way other people do. I think I've managed to escape the anger, and that may mean I get to escape the trauma as well. Some time. This blog will talk about my travels with this book, where I find myself, and what I'm doing. Cathartic for me - and hopefully, interesting for anyone who might read it. If you have questions, send them as comments, and I'll answer as best I can. If you have critiques, send them as well - I'll steam for a day or two, but then I'll read them with clear eyes, and I'll learn from them.
Come back anytime.